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You can receive it by contacting the most up-to-date equipment suppliers (be lenient, the distribution network is growing day by day) otherwise you can send the request by e-mail to: Or with a message below.

Based on the tests carried out, during the first week the average time is around 3 seconds, from the second to the third the time drops up to an average of 1 and a half seconds (even one) 😉

Absolutely NO, the system is powered by a tank of alimentary nitrogen, which in addition to avoiding the addition of an electrical load, helps to improve the conservation of the tomato inside the drum. 🍅

With the aim of guaranteeing a better pizza consumption experience for the intolerant, allergic, vegan and vegetarian: YES, being a HERMETICALLY closed system, contamination with other ingredients during the working service will be IMPOSSIBLE.

Absolutely YES, PomoTek is designed to guarantee this. The KIT for filling the drum includes a filter useful for blocking pieces of pulp with a diameter greater than 6mm which could clog the dispenser.
Of course, the device is semi-automatic so it is possible to dispense more or less tomato based on the speed with which it is dispensed, the pressure applied to the lever, and certainly by varying the nitrogen pressure entering the pressure gauge on the back of the cylinder.

1. Close the nitrogen butterfly valve
2. Depressurize the drum from the special valve on the lid
3. Disconnect the air and tomato tubes If the drum is full insert the caps and store it in the fridge, if it is empty proceed with washing and sanitizing
4. Wash and sanitize the machinery

In the washing kit you will find an adapter to be installed under your tap, so with a quick coupling it is possible to connect the sanitizer and to it the pipes which, with the pressure of the aqueduct, will automatically wash the tank and pipes.
The dispenser must be placed in the dishwasher.


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